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This is the first appearance of the live action major lazer but I must say this video is pretty damn cool.  Featuring none other than Nick Kroll and Blake from workaholics “The Major” is kicking ass and taking names.


Here is your :16 seconds of pure mountainbike awesome.  One of the most confusing tricks out there deemed the “Cashroll”, but with an added twist… literally.  He does a barspin right as he leaves the ramp, needless to say Szymon Godziek is a monster.


Just ran across this track and had to post it.  Knock you down by Jack Beats remixed by themselves and Major Lazer who if you don’t know already is KILLING it.  Track starts slow but just wait for the first drop, you might want a new pair of pants next to you…

(Source: gifmethat, via concretedazey)


BMW E30 M3.



BMW M6 - E30 Build. M6 Chasis with stretched Bmw e30 body over it. 

An e30 with airbags, Dct, iDrive, climate control? And full m6 chasis

Only in South Africa